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Yoga with Modi : Bhujangasana Hindi

Yoga with Modi: Bhujangasana Hindi

publish April 16, 2019 16,679
My Yoga Routine| IBS-Digestion-Anxiety-Stress

About a year ago I called in a Yoga instructor to help teach me Yoga at home. This routine is for IBS, improved Digestion, Anxiety, Stress, and overall health. I kept at it but not consistently and just recently when nothing seemed to work anymore I got back t

publish April 16, 2019 11,472
Yoga with Modi: Ustrasana Hindi

Yoga with Modi: Ustrasana Hindi

publish April 16, 2019 22,275
Yoga for people over 60 and better

Third age YOGA❀ yoga for people over 60 and better.

publish April 16, 2019 18,859
3 Yoga Poses to Cure Diabetes

3 Yoga Poses to Cure Diabetes #YogaPoses #Diabetes #CureDiabetes

publish April 16, 2019 15,446
Lower Body Chair Workout with Laura London Fitness

Join me in a lower body workout using a chair. You are going to love this one. Great for a quick workout when you don’t have time to get to the gym.

publish April 16, 2019 90.987
How To Properly Perform Step Ups | 3 Muscle Gain Variations Included

In this episode, we show you how to properly perform a step up. This is a great exercise to include training routines, and we also show 3 different muscle gain variations.

publish April 16, 2019 18,025
3 Types of Soccer Fitness Training

Improve your soccer fitness with these 3 types of fitness training. These are the types of training professional football/soccer players to use especially in preseason. Don’t fall behind, become the most physically fit player you can be watching this vid

publish April 16, 2019 49,064
Fitness – 10 Minute AB workout ♥ With Laura London

YouTube Classic 10- minute ab workout. Do my standing up AB Video and KettleBell abs workout too.

publish April 16, 2019 40,265
Annalise Bruton-Joe – Canadian fitness girl!

Disclaimer: This channel is aimed at promoting the featured athlete and no copyright infringement is intended. All photos and videos are the property of the featured athlete. Be sure to follow them at the below links! New talents of FBB: Annalise Bruton-Joe, f

publish April 16, 2019 15,475
My Top 5 Exercises for Sexual Fitness (Valentine’s Sexercise)

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here are my Top 5 Exercises for Sexual Fitness: 1) Kneeling Rows 2) DiveBomber Pushups 3) Pulsed Squats 4) Hip Thrusters 5) Straddle The Elbow

publish April 16, 2019 39,270
V Push Ups (with clenched fists)

V Push Ups (with clenched fists) – Fitness exercises. “V Push Ups” is a real challenge, as you need to maintain a V position during the entire exercise, which also makes it an excellent exercise for your shoulders and legs. We recommend you t

publish April 16, 2019 41,241

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