CRACK – short film


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In order to get her drug dose, Stella steals her mother’s gold watch. When her brother realizes it, he does all he can to get back the watch, kept at a dealer’s place.

Director & Writer: Alessandro Carmeci
DOP: Senda Bonnet
Production: Fanny Coindet for Mr. Fresh Meat Ltd

Stars: Maud Jurez, Mohamed Makhtoumi, Djalalli Amouche, Vincent Heneine

Music: Baptiste Thiry
Sound designer: Antoine Sextier
Sound Mixing: Mari Riviere
Editing: François Nolla
Set: Anthony Lecomte

Runtime : 14 min
Color : Color
Aspect Ratio : 2.35
Country : France / UK

Shorts on tap London
Ça Tourne en Ile-De-France Festival in Paris, France
Pare Lorentz International Film Festival in Clarksburg, USA
Sequence Short-Film Festival in Toulouse, France
Courts Devant International Film Festival in Paris, France
Screening at Cinema Majestic Bastille in Paris, France