Mindfulness for Beginners in 3 Minutes


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Mindfulness is a very simple concept and this 3-minute exercise is described as for beginners but can be used by anyone. Mindfulness should not be confused with Zen Masters meditating for hours at a time. This beginner practice video suggests that we are a visual species. We are motivated and attracted to what we see which means we forget and neglect our other senses, especially the sense of touch.

Being mindful of the sense of touch means paying attention to what something truly feels like. When was the last time you just touched a flower pedal? When did you really feel the keys on your keyboard or the mouse in your palm? A computer mouse, not a real mouse, although if you have a pet mouse, please notice the feeling of his/her fuzz.

I hope you enjoy this easy mindfulness practice and if you want more mindfulness videos please comment and ask!

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