V Push Ups (with clenched fists)


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V Push Ups (with clenched fists) – Fitness exercises.
“V Push Ups” is a real challenge, as you need to maintain a V position during the entire exercise, which also makes it an excellent exercise for your shoulders and legs.
We recommend you try to simply hold a V position several times before attempting the complete exercise.
Precautions: if you feel you might collapse during the exercise, try placing a cushion between your hands so as to prevent hitting your chin.


1- Form a reverse V with your body, keeping your legs stretched out and arms in line with your torso.
Clench your hands into a fist to provide a stable support point without placing undue stress on your wrists.

2- Shift your body weight forward while maintaining the V position, and fold your arms by extending the elbows slightly outwards.

3- Lift with your arms and, contracting your pectoral muscles, return to the start position.